Pink Cliffs

Pink Cliffs Land Company, LLC consists of 7,220 acres. It includes two active landfills (Monofill and Mill Pond Landfill), the Mill Pond with 260 surface acres with a 3,000 acre foot capacity, over eight miles of irrigation ditch, and Twin Lakes, a water storage facility with a storage capacity of 2,816 acre feet.


Pink Cliffs is an integral part of Novo BioPower and, in the future, Novo RePower. The ash from Novo BioPower is land-filled in Pink Cliffs. Novo BioPower also depends on Pink Cliffs for waste water storage.


Novo Power plans to use the vast acreage of Pink Cliffs for clean energy sources such as solar and wind. Novo is continually in search of partners who are looking to participate in the future of green energy.

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